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Our Magic


We transform your current organization into a flexible organization with agile digital teams.


We introduce smart methodologies to increase productivity and market responsiveness.


We prepare you for future disruptive business models by using the best and latest technologies and infrastructures.


Adapt to digital trends smoothly


We help you to be ready for disruptive digital trends. The online and mobile revolution should not be a threat to your business. We see it as an opportunity from which your company can profit to the full when you are prepared and properly geared up.

We support you in getting on top of developments and becoming a better sparring partner for agencies. Digital projects will run smoother, which will result in a better performance and a shorter time to market at substantial lower costs.

Increase productivity and market responsiveness


Clear methodologies and standards as well as tailored technologies and infrastructure solutions will help you increase productivity and market responsiveness. We think ahead and implement your strategy. We act pragmatically, assessing and implementing instruments that suit your company and methodologies and infrastructures needed to be responsive to your market.

Important issues we address are: e.g. agency briefings, templates and standards, risk management, digital asset management, domain and social registrations, licenses and contracts, project management.

Prepare for future disruptive business models


The implementation of the best and latest technologies and infrastructure will get you ready for the future. Current technology no longer requires upfront investments or extensive developments. Flexible use of storing data in the cloud, scalable and fast availability of bandwidth and cost effective use of capacity (pay per use) enables you to be agile, efficient and profit to the full from you digital efforts.

We assess your goals, implement the technologies and infrastructure that meet your requirements and train and coach your people to be effective and agile. You will be ready for the future and able to face disruptive business models.

How we work

Depending on your ambition and current organization we have three different stages we can start from. These stages are subsequent, but can also be implemented individually.

We work with great energy and passion as we align our client’s business aspirations to the goals of the end user.



We will start by evaluating the current position of your company. We will assess the position, challenges and opportunities from many angles.

Assessing your current position will give you a good idea of what is needed to reach your ambition. We perform desk research, interviews and present and discuss our findings with stakeholders. We will advise you on the steps to take and can take you to the next stage



implement & improve 2

The second stage is where we implement and improve the digital organization in your company. We start by supporting ongoing projects that are not running as smoothly as expected (the implementation of new technologies, rolling out platforms to multiple brands or countries etc).

Important issues we address in this stage are: ‘Agile’ organization, cost and time savings, risk management, eco-system, compliancy of rules on security and privacy, select and implement technology and hosting of infrastructure.


In the third stage the company will work according to the issues addressed and implemented in the previous stage. We will guide and coach digital teams when executing the digital strategy and help them to become agile and work efficiently.

Important issues we address in this stage are: interim management, sourcing, project management, functional consultancy, technical consultancy, Digital Specialists (e.g. SEO, Analytics, Social Media , cloud hosting).

Our work

Our clients are companies of any size with or without a digital team. They all have the ambition to grow from a traditional organized company to an agile, flexibly run company. Ready for the future and facing digital developments with confidence. We help them e.g. to build digital teams that are agile and efficient, activate and utilize current or new platforms and technologies, internationally roll out campaigns, project management and execution.

“As a production company, a large part of our succes is dictated by the process and people we work with. In my experience Connect2Crowd was responsible for one of the best run workflows we’ve come across at Heineken and we would gladly recommend them to any of our clients. We look forward to working with them again, and can vouch for the quality of their team and talent.”

Wesley ter Haar – founder MediaMonks

                 Our clients:

tevreden klanten

About us

We are an innovative company offering businesses practical knowledge and expertise in the field of digital media & technology. We offer companies the ability to stay ahead of digital developments and benefit greatly from these trends.

Connect2Crowd is founded by two partners who have extensive experience in setting up, rolling out and building agile digital teams. They managed the Heineken Global Digital Team for many years. The Connect2Crowd team consists of enthusiastic, experienced professionals and digital specialists that understand the client’s perspective of the digital world.

Andre Scholten

Andre Scholten

Digital Programme Manager

Andre is a seasoned Project-/Programme Manager with 13 years of Digital Media experience gained at large companies as Liberty Global Europe (UPC) and Heineken International.

As Digital Programme Manager for Heineken International, Andre was responsible for the delivery of many Digital Platforms and -Campaigns. Was also responsible for delivery of Heineken’s first Global B2C e-commerce shop The-Sub.com and Corporate Communication Website.

Kamran van Roosmalen

Kamran van Roosmalen

Digital Media Consultant

Kamran has great experience in the digital transformation of marketing departments which he gained when working for various  organizations where he, amongst others, successfully implemented new tooling and procedures in a traditional setting.

Most prominently he has experience in Digital B2B marketing as he has implemented the inbound marketing methodology by use of marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot. Kamran has worked with many different tools and cms systems and specializes in functional designs and use cases.

Finally, due to his background in business and affinity of technology he is able to translate business needs to functional solutions.

Marcel van Rijn

Marcel van Rijn

Technical Director

Marcel van Rijn has over 15 years of digital media experience as a senior consultant in corporate environments. Marcel is a specialist when it comes to combining technology needs with business requirements. He therefore is extremely successful in challenging or progressive environments.

As a technical director of the Heineken Digital team (Webcenter), Marcel and his team of consultants were responsible for numerous campaigns and set up 10+ platforms that were rolled out internationally.

Marcel worked as an Internet Operations manager at Philips for 6 years. In this position he was responsible for the successful global integration of 300 microsites in 100 countries.

Marco van Veen

Marco van Veen

Managing Director

Marco has 15 years of experience in the field of digital media and worked for large clients and leading digital agencies.

As an interim manager Marco set up and managed the Heineken Digital team (Webcenter) responsible for the global digital execution. With his team he launched a great variety of multi- country and multi-brand platforms and campaigns some of which were rewarded with the world’s biggest annual award in advertising, the Golden Lion in Cannes.


we are hiring2


Do you want to work with enthusiastic, talented professionals? Do you dream of contributing to the development of future digital trends? Is it your passion to be in control and help companies to get there too? We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic professionals who share our passion about anything digital. Contact us when you think you can be of great value to our business and that we are looking for you! contact@connect2crowd.com

VACANCY  (in Dutch)  

Ambitieuze IT Consultant Digital Media voor toonaangevende klanten

Je bent een ambitieuze professional die graag werkt voor toonaangevende bedrijven op het gebied van digital media. Bij onze klanten werk je aan uitdagende projecten. Een afwisselende rol waarin je optimale ondersteuning krijgt om je verder te ontwikkelen.

We zijn gestart eind 2013 en zijn een jonge, innovatieve en ambitieuze organisatie waar jij je potentie waar kunt maken. We werken onder andere voor Nike, Mediq, Friesland Campina, AkzoNobel, NUON. We zijn een innovatieve organisatie die haar kennis en expertise inzet op het gebied van digitale media en marketing-technology. Connect2Crowd helpt bedrijven bij het professionaliseren van digitale teams & processen en bij het inzetten van innovatieve technologieën. Wij accelereren Business en IT teams bij het realiseren van online groei, versnelde implementaties en faciliteren hen om zelfstandig door te groeien.

We hebben een gezonde groeiambitie en zijn daarom op zoek naar een ambitieuze IT Consultant Digital Media.

Wat ga je doen?

Je biedt onze klanten technische ondersteuning bij ontwikkeling, ontwerp en systeemintegratie. Vanuit een technisch oogpunt adviseer je projecten, leid je verbeteringen en optimaliseert bestaande oplossingen. Je werkt binnen het project als technisch specialist samen met andere disciplines (Projectmanagers, Operations team, functioneel consultants en derde partijen). Je staat in direct contact met de business en derde partijen om behoeften te achterhalen en deze te vertalen naar technische specificaties en requirements. De Project Manager leidt het project, echter als IT Consultant Digital Media borg je de technische kwaliteit van het eindresultaat en ben je in staat daarover te rapporteren aan de stuurgroep waar nodig. Belangrijkste activiteiten:

  • Reviewen en beoordelen van technische verzoeken, projecten en veranderen aan een  platform ondersteunen van de business, project managers en derde partijen in het definiëren van hun digital media requirements;
  • Valideren van opgeleverde projecten, (functionele) wijzigingen, platform updates en releases samenwerken met interne stakeholders en afdelingen om derde partijen de beste oplossingen voor te stellen, tegen de juiste prijs en technische condities;
  • Stimuleren van het hergebruik van bestaande oplossingen en ervoor zorg te dragen dat deze in lijn is met de technische visie;
  • In overeenstemming zijn met andere technische consultants over de haalbaarheid van oplossingen en lange termijn visie.

Wat vragen we?

Je hebt minimaal 2-3 jaar ervaring opgedaan als IT Business Analist. Je hebt een HBO opleiding afgerond en ervaring opgedaan bij een Consultancy organisatie waarbij je bij verschillende opdrachtgevers hebt gewerkt is een pré. Door deze werkervaring kun je organisatie- en politieke- belangen tegen elkaar afwegen en sta je stevig in je schoenen wanneer dat erop aankomt. Ook kun je door je ervaring werkprocessen opzetten of verbeteren. Je beschikt over basiskennis op het gebied van internet zoals domeinnamen, (cloud) hosting en programmeertalen en ben je bekend met agile werkwijzen. Als persoon ben je energiek, leergierig, flexibel, analytisch en sta je open voor feedback. De Nederlandse en Engelse taal beheers je uitstekend in woord en geschrift.


We bieden je een dynamische baan in een internationale werkomgeving met een professionele en open cultuur met goede primaire en secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden. Persoonlijke ontwikkeling vinden wij belangrijk; je hebt de mogelijkheid je kennis en competenties verder te ontwikkelen.


Graag ontvangen we jouw cv én motivatie. Stuur deze naar; Marco van Veen, Managing Director van Connect2Crowd, email: Marco@connect2crowd.com Als je vragen hebt over deze vacature kun je ook altijd contact opnemen met Marco op het nummer: 06-54300081.  




Contact Info

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  • O +31 (0) 654300081
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